Hi my name is Tracy Cornish; founder of tracy-cornish.com and , author of ‘The 5 ESSENTIAL Oils You Should Have In Your First Aid Kit.

Typically I work with people who are struggling with overwhelm, tiredness, lack of energy and generally feeling “Not Quite Right”. Over the last 15 years I have helped many people regain their energy and vitality and improve their aches and pains to give them their life back health wise.

I begin by offering a free health questionnaire which we fill in at the first appointment then move on to the treatment which is right for them, either coaching, aromatherapy, reflexology or in most cases a combination of more than one. Louise Hay states “The problem is rarely the problem” and from my experience this is true. Sometimes a client will come in with a shoulder that causes pain and we find that in fact that the pain is not just from here but also from another source for example the gut. I have been able to help with the aches and pains but also give advice on diet, lifestyle and emotional health. Our bodies are very clever at letting us know when something is not quite right, it just depends if we listen and take note.

I recently helped Claire who rows for her local team and in competitive events. Claire comes to see me before the event so that her body is at an optimal level for the event, and then afterwards for her “Put me back together” session. Claire has aromatherapy twice a month to maintain her levels of wellbeing.

I also work with clients who need a non-judgemental confidential ear to listen to what is going on at that moment in time in their lives. The appointment is a mixture of both, by talking to the client it helps me to make an informed decision about the treatment required, particularly when choosing Aromatherapy Essential Oils.

Emily sees me for coaching to help her put into perspective several overwhelming situations in her life at the moment. By talking to someone outside the family Emily feels she can get clarity about her own emotions. She has been able to make progress with family siblings and her parents, and has her own set of Bach Flower Remedies to use as well as techniques to help her when she is stressed.

As founder of Tracy-cornish.com I am able to help people from many walks of life achieve the mind and body health and vitality which is so often missing in the stress and technology filled world we currently live in. I practice from Haywards Heath in the beautiful county of West Sussex, where we have the luxury of countryside not too far way and can enjoy National Trust properties that are located on our doorstep.

If you know anyone who could benefit from powerful coaching, regular Aromatherapy, Reflexology or Reiki then please get in touch.

To arrange your Free 20 Min Skype Call please email: tracy@tracy-cornish.com.